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"I didn't even realise I was a lefty.

 I just thought I wasn't a knob."

Marina Purkiss


A little about me...

Before 2016, I was your average, politically-apathetic, 30-something-year-old. 

But then came the EU referendum result.

A result that came as shock.

A shock that prompted a journey...

I fell down the rabbit hole that is the state of UK politics and am falling still.

I shared my observations, my frustrations, my amusing musings (if you will) with the Twitterverse. And for some reason, they listened. 

Today, I find myself with over 240,000 Twitter followers. I feature on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine Show, Piers Morgan's Uncensored as well as on podcasts with Mark Steel, State of the Markets, Wright on the Nail, Sunday Roast and The State of Politics. I have also written for Fortune Magazine. 

I also have my own politically charged (but fun) podcast: The Trawl and am the new host of Byline TV's debate show: The Table. 

When not opining the state of UK politics, you'll find me leading marketing campaigns for a US tech firm, indulging in gloriously exhausting family and friends time, and drinking wine.

...though not all at the same time. 


Using my voice...

With a Government seemingly intent on "flooding the zone with shit,"
There's never been more to talk about.
Here's how I try...


As seen on Twitter.
With over 210,000 followers including high-profile supporters from the worlds of sport, business, music, TV and politics.



All of the other stuff... but in front of a screen.



It's one thing having a platform.
It's quite another to use it as a force for good...


Political Podcasting: The Trawl

Political commentator Marina Purkiss and broadcaster Jemma Forte delve into the week in tweets.

The Trawl doomscrolls Twitter so you don’t have to. Each week our hosts discuss who in politics has digitally soiled themselves and who has been excellent in no more than 280 characters.

You can now subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

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My own column.
That's the dream.
This is the start point...

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"I'm not jealous of the No.10 parties anyway.

 I was at home washing my Tesco delivery."

Marina Purkiss



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